Pietrasanta in northern Italy.
 A man, a bike and a wall – a rainy day in Lucca, Italy.
 The Duomo, Florence.
 Street scene, Marrakesh.
 Architectural detail, Morocco.
 Street scene, Marrakesh.
 Sculpture museum, Pietrasanta, northern Italy.
 Weathered door, Lucca, Italy.
 Street scene, Marrakesh.
 Viareggio seascape, Tuscany.
 Street scene, Marrakesh.
 Swallows on a telegraph wire, Brittany.
 Boy with the Atlas Mountains.
 Church interior, Sicily
 Church exterior, Britanny.
 Street scene, Garachico on the north coast of Tenerife.
 The mountains above Buenavista Del Norte, north coast of Tenerife.
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